Along the Path


Fatherhood is a journey.  And as we are walking through our life, we are being watched and followed by some very important people . . . our children.  The footprints we leave are invaluable for them.  We need to be leaving really clear prints that our children step into.  Join our journey . . . share your thoughts . . . join the Footprints of Fatherhood as we reflect on the challenge, chaos, and beauty of guiding our children towards adulthood.

Brian is a sought-after public speaker and workshop facilitator.  He offers opportunities for fathers to discover the footprints they are leaving for their children.  As a trainer, he works with agencies and programs that provide services for fathers and families.

He is married and has three daughters.

Brian is also a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Check out his info at

Interested in any workshops?  Contact Brian.

The Footprints of Fatherhood

  • Six key things a dad can do to leave a lasting imprint and legacy for his children.

The Strength of a Father

  • A man who lives from his gentle, focuses, confident strength is best able to lead his family.

The New Dad

  • The birth of a child is the birth of a father.  And for many men this is most significant life-change a man may go through.

On the Same Page

  • Dads and moms often struggle most with the different parenting styles they use use their children.  On The Same Page gives parents a common language and some common strategies as they raise their children together.

Strong Dads, Strong Daughters

  • There is a special and significant bond between and dad and his daughter.  This workshop covers ways to build a deep bond with that special girl in a dad’s life.

Walking the Fine Line

  • Finding balance between work and family and the rest of life is like walking a fine line.  Learn practical strategies to gain a new perspective on the things that are most important to you in life.

Marriage Enrichment

  • Take some time with your spouse to look at ways to build a strong, lasting marriage.  Its good for you; its good for your family.

Guys Raising Healthy Kids

  • Meeting the needs of the whole child is important.  This workshop gives dads ways to build the physical and emotional health of children.

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